Vlog and Featured Video Playlists

An image can say a thousand words, or so they say... This page features millions of images (hundreds of videos) which I save and organize as I browse the web. Videos have changed the way I do work and live life, they are like TV for me. Enjoy!

PS: To navigate the playlist simply mouse-over and use the arrows on the sides of the player or select from the thumbs below.

My Vlog

Lots of random/nerdy stuff, some funny, some educational, some just weird. I love these! :0P


DJ's Playlist

Deejay's... this one is for you!
I keep all the crazy, funny, rare and interesting videos of other DJ's, music, and other stuff that we like in this playlist.
Funny/Humor Playlist

If I ever run into something that makes me laugh (or which I think is really stupid) I drop it in this playlist.
Call me inmature... :P